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If You Can’t Beat Them…


The market constantly introduces innovation in the urban space, especially when it comes to tourism. The immediate response of cities facing the rising objection of hotels, cab companies and restaurants is to fight such innovations. But what if instead of battling in the courts and trying to ban new economic change, a city would actually embrace and encourage these initiatives? 

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US SEC Allows Crowdfunding of Start-Ups


Ordinary Americans will from now on be able to invest online in companies they believe in. US-based start-up companies will be allowed to raise up to $1 million a year via crowdfunding, albeit with rigorous limitations - allowing individuals with income lower than $100,000/year to only invest up to $2,000 in crowdfunding. In addition, the regulatory burden was eased for new start-ups.

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Not All The Smart People Work For You

Prof. Harry Chesbrough

"Not all the smart people work for you," writes Harry Chesbrough in an article on Open Innovation - namely, using external ideas and knowledge sources to advance a system, an organization or a process. Since the publishing of his book in 2003, it was only natural for Open Innovation to be adopted by most companies worldwide.

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Guest Post – Too Talented to Innovate?


Entrepreneurs endowed with different skill levels decide on the execution of projects while internalizing the reputational effect that their decision may have. When deciding on the execution of a project, entrepreneurs evaluate the trade-off between the positive expected return from the currently available project, and the impact such an execution may have on the financing of future projects. The results of this research show that the benefits of supporting lower-risk/lower-gain projects extend beyond their direct contribution.

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