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A Brave New World of Unemployed PhDs


One may easily notice a continuous shrinkage of humanities' budgets and replacement of tenured faculty members by contingent teachers. Who are the people still pursuing a humanities PhD, while the rest of the world is looking for visible results and measurable increases in stockholder value?What can universities do to survive and reinvent their roles as hubs of knowledge and research? How can they change and improve the services they give to the surrounding society? How can venture influence this perilous change and redesign universities for the Age of Knowledge?

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Introducing Coller Venture Review 2017 Catalog


Coller Venture Review is the hallmark publication of CIV. The 2017 Catalog presents a unique exposure to 34 articles presenting numerous views and insights on the world of venture. The common thrust of all the articles is actionable knowledge synthesized by leaders of the venture ecosystem worldwide.

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The Rise and Fall of a University Venture Program


In its heyday, the univenture program at the University of Utah was characterized by excellent outcomes – it tied MIT by creating over a hundred startups in some five years... and then it wound down. Dr. Norris Krueger looks at the driving factors behind this story, and presents a fascinating case study with very useful lessons for other universities.

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Can Skolkovo Replicate MIT?


Loren Graham, an MIT historian of science, shows that Russian inventors have been ingenious in developing scientific and technical ideas, but failed to benefit from them. Now, however, they have yet another chance. Can Skolkovo replicate the success of MIT? Read more to find out why it can not.

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CIV August 2016 Updates


Dear friend, I’m writing to share with you our top five latest updates published by CIV. (1) Can Venture Make or Break Universities — access papers from the Univenture Issue of Coller Venture Review (2) Grants on “City Venture” Research — submission deadline: 30-Sep-2016 (3) Meet CIV in Berlin — see more details and request a ticket to our cocktail and award …

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