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Do VCs Perform Better Just by Being in Silicon Valley?

A scene from "Silicon Valley" TV Series

Could a venture capitalist enjoy the same results from anywhere in the world? Some evidence suggests location matters. VCs thrive in proximity to other VCs, but creating a VC cluster is not enough – it is the "where" that matters. Contracts in Silicon Valley differ enormously from the rest of the world, reflecting differences in VC attitude and shedding a light on the Valley's "secret sauce". A work-in-progress by Jennifer Kuan (Stanford), CIV 2015 Research Grant Winner

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Bring Our History to Life – Last Call for a $25,000 Tender!


Web-designers and visualisers: if you want to participate in a $25,000 web-development tender, hurry up! The deadline for our History of Venture timeline visualization RFI is June 30 - a week away! If you have the design insight and implementation capability that can make this project happen, we are waiting to hear from you!

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Can Start-Ups Think Ahead? Should Investors Make Them Do That?


Patents help companies raise money and increase their valuations. However, start-up founders are often too busy with the "here and now" – and it is for the investors to spark the brainstorming and drive the long-term thinking, developing ideas and patents that would still be relevant when granted, a year or two down the road. A guest post by Shmuel Ur, founder of Ur Innovations Ltd.

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CIV June 2016 Updates


Dear friend, I’m writing to share with you our latest updates: (1) The Coller School of Management Inaugurated at Tel-Aviv University (2) Let’s Design HK 3.0 — an op-ed by Prof. Yesha Sivan in Hong-Kong’s “South China Morning Post” (3) Not Just Meat – SuperMeat! — A guest post by Ido Savir (4) Too Talented to Innovate? — A guest post …

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