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CIV 2016 Research Award Ceremony Held at ESMT Berlin


On September 16, 2016, the CIV 2016 Research Award was presented in a ceremony held at ESMT Berlin, a leading school of management in the center of Berlin, Germany. The monumental building housing ESMT was until 1990 the seat of the East German Government, and today, completely renovated, it has transformed into one of the best business schools in Europe. …

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How Can Smart Capital Stimulate Ideas?


“智慧投资人”如何能够激发创意?Ideas are very important in the process of innovation, but they would usually become nothing without proper funding. However, do the investors really know to estimate the potential of the presented ideas? Prof. Jörg Rocholl, President of ESMT Berlin, explains. CIV will hold its Research Award Ceremony in ESMT Berlin on 16-Sep-2016.

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Can China’s Government Funding Boost its Universities into Top Ranks?


中国政府的投资是否能够推动中国大学跻身世界前列?Over the past two decades, the Chinese government has been generously funding some of the top universities, with the top institutions receiving billions of dollars each year. The Chinese government envisions its higher education sector rising to world-class levels, but even some of the scientists now wonder why should the government fund universities at all?

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One Stroke, Many Colors – University Venture at IIT Madras


Programs, stakeholders, and their relationships画一笔,添多彩——印度理工学院马德拉斯分校的高校创业项目、股东及二者之间的关系by Prof. Thillai Rajan A. and Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala

How wealth creation can be reconciled with universities’ traditional roles so everyone wins

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