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London’s Start-Ups Seek Relocation to Berlin Following Brexit


Berlin's senate has approached hundreds of London-based businesses to persuade them to move to Berlin. Unless they do so, they might lose hundreds of millions invested by the EIF once Britain leaves the EU. Berlin's government plans to benefit from the apparent panic in the FinTech sector, and will open a London office in September to assist startups with relocation. Berlin's startup scene has already overtaken London in terms of venture capital investment. Join us in Berlin on 16-Sep-2016, as we celebrate venture research at the startup hub of Europe.

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Two Weeks Left to Submit Your Papers for a $10,000 Venture Research Award


If you are a scholar researching venture, innovation and entrepreneurship, and have a paper or work-in-progress published within the last year - a $10,000 CIV Research Award can be yours. The award may provide the winners with a unique platform to discuss and disseminate their work, including participation in our future events.Submit your paper by July 31, 2016

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Chinese VCs Switched to RMB – How Does That Affect Their Performance?


中国风投基金转向人民币——这将如何影响风投基金表现?Recently, there has been a meteoric rise in RMB-denominated VC funds in China, and today they outnumber USD funds in terms of total number, deals and managed capital. However, these funds are often backed by LPs that do not operate according to the accepted best practices in due diligence, valuation and collaborating with start-ups. Is this the future of China's "smart money"? Part 1 of an editorial by Robyn Klingler-Vidra

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Should Startups Worry About Brexit?


初创企业是否应该担心英国脱欧带来的影响?Startups are worried that the UK’s exit from the EU might risk their access to venture capital and private equity, and are already looking for funding elsewhere. What will the UK do to keep attracting startup employees, strike trade deals and respond to aggressive regulatory competition designed to attract startups? A guest post by Prof. Mark Humphery-Jenner (UNSW Australia), CIV Research Award Winner.

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CIV July 2016 Updates


科勒风险投资研究院2016年7月内容更新汇总 Dear friend, I’m writing to share with you our latest updates. In this newsletter you will find: (1) East vs. West Coast Contracts: Does Location Matter? — a guest post by Jennifer Kuan (2) Call for a $10,000 CIV Research Award — Submission deadline: 31-Jul-2016 (3) New Zealand Venture Investment Fund Stops Investing Taxpayer Money — an editorial by Robyn Klingler-Vidra (4) Staying …

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