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Responder: Historical Perspective Prof. Manhong Mannie Liu, The Chinese Science Academy

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Director, Venture Capital Research Group at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research Center on Fictitious Economy and Data Science (FEDS); Professor, Renmin University of China; Board Member, China Venture Capital Research Institute; Editor in Chief, China Venture Capital Journal; Vice Dean, Beijing EDUI Technology Research Institute; Founder and Honorary Chair of China Business Angels Association; Vice Chair, Ecological Development Union International; Board member, World Business Angels Association; and Board director, Chief Group Hong Kong. Professor Liu has authored numerous publications on angel investing. Her book Angel Investment and Private Capital (2003, in Chinese) is considered the first such book in China. Professor Liu is also considered one of the pioneers in China’s venture capital research field. Her book Venture Capital: Innovation and Finance (in Chinese, Renmin University Press, 1998) was one of the first venture capital books to systemically introduce the venture capital concept in China and served as a guide for many Chinese first-generation venture capitalists. Professor Liu received her Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1994, prior to her joined the faculty at Renmin University, she has also worked as research faculty at Harvard University.



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