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Founder’s Greetings|By: Jeremy Coller

Jeremy Coller, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Coller Capital, has funded this Institute. 杰里米•科勒,科勒资本的创始人和首席投资官投资创立了本研究院。

Countries round the world acknowledge the importance of innovative, fast-growing companies for future prosperity and jobs – yet creating the conditions for such new ventures to appear and flourish has proved remarkably difficult. It is to address this challenge that we have founded the Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University. The recipe for success is complex, requiring many ingredients. The most important ingredient of all – human ingenuity – can be taken for granted; however, history shows that the ‘seeds of ingenuity’ often fall on stony ground. Even in an adverse environment, human ingenuity will triumph some of the time. The challenge is to create fertile soil – truly entrepreneurial societies – in which it triumphs more often than not. We believe there are three essential preconditions for the entrepreneurial society, which are reflected in the objectives we have set for the Coller Institute:

  • Long-term capital – We will identify the conditions that will lead to compelling returns for long-term capital (e.g. pension plans, foundations, sovereign wealth funds) to invest in venture capital.
  • Sources of IP – We will investigate and communicate best practice in technology translation from governments, universities and corporates.
  • Governments do the right thing – We will promote innovation in policy-making and planning, encouraging governments to adopt best practices in legal frameworks, fiscal incentives, behavioral economics and other parts of the public policy agenda.

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Watch Mr. Jeremy Coller talking about Coller Institute of Venture’s vision in our Kickoff Event in 2013.