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Mission 使命

2016 Update

The Institute’s mission is to advance the global venture ecosystem. We see venture as a critical aspect of the modern economy. The essence of venture is creating up new companies, developing ideas, innovation, and models and turning them into businesses. Success in the venture arena means value creation to the users of the venture’s products or services, value to the entrepreneurs, value for the venture’s investors and value for institutional investors that allocate to the venture capital asset class. A healthy ecosystem of venture means that there is a fast pace from the inception of innovation through to value. More specifically, the speed by which innovation from universities, government research programs and company research and development efforts manifest into new ventures. Our goal is to further enable the global fast-paced, high-value venture ecosystem and to compress the value chain all the way from innovation through to institutional investors. This is our mission because we believe that a vibrant, healthy and productive venture ecosystem propels higher quality of life. We strive towards this target while being fully cognizant of the fact that venture is also difficult and is often associated with failure. Failure, and we can attest to this from our personal experiences, is part of the venture ecosystem. In fact, risk is an integral part of venture. Risk affects the considerations and operations of entrepreneurs, the venture firms, the institutional investors and the public authorities. We must embrace risk, mitigate it, and overcome it. (learn more)


研究院的使命是增益全球企业生态系统。我们认为企业是现代经济的关键一面。企业的精髓在于创立新的公司、发展理念、创新以及模式,并将其转化为商 业。成功的企业舞台意味着为应用企业产品或服务的用户创造价值,也为创业者和风险投资者、机构投资者以及其他风险投资资产类别创造价值。一个健康的企业生 态系统意味着从创新的开始到产生价值都以较快的步伐前进。更确切地说,来自大学、政府研究项目和公司研发的速度将促进新企业的产生。我们的目标是深入发展 全球迅速、高价值的企业生态系统,通过机构投资者,从创新的各个方面压缩价值链。这之所以是我们的使命是因为我们相信一个健康有活力且生产力强的企业生态 系统能有效推动生活质量的提高。我们朝这个目标努力的同时也完全明确认识到企业自身也非常艰难,常常与失败联系在一起。失败,让我们能结合自身的经验,并 转化为企业生态系统的一部分。事实上,风险就是企业整体的一部分。风险会影响创业者的考量与实际操作,影响风险投资公司、机构投资者以及公共权力机构。我 们必须要拥抱风险,减轻风险,最后克服风险。

Learn more in a presentation by CIV former Executive Director, Prof. Yesha Sivan: