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Plan 计划

Three directives guide our work at the Coller Institute of Venture; we strive to be a global hub that impacts the venture ecosystem.

  • Global – our perspective is global. We connect with researchers and practitioners all over the world. We strive to compare global phenomena and create links between components of the global ecosystem. We believe the venture system is increasingly a global system.
  • Hub – we serve as a focal point of information, people, data, and tools for the builders of the venture ecosystem. In addition to sharing our own insights and analysis, we will repackage reports, research and insights from a variety of sources. There is a lot of “know-how” and “know-what” that is out there that needs further discussion and dissemination.
  • Impact – we are here to better the venture ecosystem – not just report its challenges and suggest solutions. We will be measured by our abilities to influence the performance of the various actors of the ecosystem – particularly the pace by which innovation produces value.

In concrete terms, our global hub for impacting the venture system is built upon the Institute’s state-of-the-art digital infrastructure.



  • 全球性—我们的视野是全球性的。我们将全球的研究人员与从业者联系起来。我们通过全球现象的比较从而在全球生态系统中创建出各个要素之间的联系。
  • 枢纽—我们将成为一个企业生态系统的信息、人脉、数据和工具的集点。为了进一步地共享见解和分析,我们会对一些不同来源的报告、研究进行重新整合。这其中将有许多“实际知识”和“书本知识”需要更精益的讨论及传播。
  • 影响力我们的存在就是为了优化企业生态系统 – 不仅仅是报告其面临的挑战和对生态系统给出建议。我们的表现将取决于我们对生态系统中各个因素影响的能力—特别是由创新产出价值的速度。

Now, its your turn

By design our logo includes the “yet to be filled” triangle. To fulfil our mission (‘to better the venture ecosystem’), and in light of our three directives (‘global hub for impact’) we strive to work with thought-leading partners in the ecosystem. We invite you to join our community and partner with us.