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Are Mistakes an Inseparable Part of Innovation?


“When you create something in an area where people haven’t headed before, you get a lot of freedom, and certainly freedom to innovate, and also freedom to make mistakes.”

These are the words of Mr. John Porter, Chairman of SinoCare Group, China. According to him, new ideas and start-ups are tricky in the sense that they mean exploring new territories – places that no person has gone before, and therefore it is not unusual to encounter many obstacles. In retrospect, these obstacles and bumps may seem like a very natural part of a progression. However, in the early stages of a new company, every small mistake can have a huge influence and could even risk bringing the company to its end.

So how does one get around these obstacles and avoid failure? Porter believes the key is having a plan, but also understanding that not everything will necessarily operate according to it. “Normally, innovation is about a mindset of tolerating failure and somehow being able to take it through despite the obstacles.”

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