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Employment Black Holes Concept Video

We are proud to present a video abstract of the concept article on cities and ventures from the new City Venture issue of Coller Venture Review – “Employment Black Holes”, namely: How can cities and geographical areas become so compelling that they pull in talent, funding, and innovation, and thus constantly create and sustain jobs at the expense of the …

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CIV Held an Annual Appreciation Day at Tel Aviv University

On 19-Jun-2017, the Coller Institute of Venture held its annual appreciation day, to honor the partners and vendors our institute works with, as well as representatives of various university entities and divisions, which support our operation and provide the Institute with financial, legal and logistic services. We use this special gathering to extend a vote of thanks to these partners, and …

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Reno’s Venture Gamble Leveraging Tesla’s Gigafactory

Reno, Nevada, used to be the butt of jokes across America, but today it is growing a viable venture ecosystem that’s ushering in a bright future. And it’s doing it in an unusual manner: instead of the usual hi-tech startups, this “Biggest Little City in the World” is leveraging its unique assets to specialize in a completely different, yet very effective, niche. Read an article by Jack Wroldsen, part of the new City Venture issue of Coller Venture Review, and the accompanying CIV City Case, and explore the evolution of Reno from derision to riches: a story that shows how a combination of humility and pluck, aided by well-planned action at the state and city levels, can create success in surprising ways even in unlikely places.

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Hyper-Local Venture Development – The Case of Newark, NJ

This article by Prof. Michael Ehrlich goes beyond the theory to share a real-life success story: the implementation of a Health IT cluster in Newark, NJ, as a demonstration of the development of a hyper-local cluster in practice. Specific program details, implementation strategies, and promising early outcomes are shown in the article and the accompanying CIV City Case, available now for download.

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What is De-Know-Polization?

The 20th-century monopoly that universities had on knowledge is being attacked. Watch a 2-minute trailer, where Prof. Yesha Sivan explains the concept - an excerpt from an interview of Prof. Yesha Sivan to Benjamin Butler (Emerging Future)

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