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Mobileye: A Feather in Jerusalem’s Venture Cap

Everyone’s excited about the acquisition of Mobileye by Intel. At US$15.3 billion, Intel’s purchase of Mobileye is the largest exit in Israel's high-tech industry to date. Read a post by Nathan Zeldes depicting the connection between the university venture that created "Mobileye", and the city venture that enabled it to flourish and succeed in Jerusalem, Israel - an emerging tech hub. Find out more about the Jerusalem venture ecosystem in an in-depth article from the coming issue of CVR.

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Dealing With Political Change Assessing London’s post-Brexit competitiveness

This article provides new and actionable understanding of the London venture community’s ability to survive, or even thrive, in a post-Brexit context. This article examines the durability of key components of London’s Venture Fabric: availability of talent, access to capital across stages and the density of network required to make startups scale. Insights are based upon primary data collected through a survey of London-based entrepreneurs, asking how Brexit has affected staffing, funding and the vibrancy of the capital’s venture network.

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Employment Black Holes The key to the wealth of cities

CIV is proud to present a first peek into the upcoming Issue 5 of Coller Venture Review, dedicated to City Venture. In Employment Black Holes by Yesha Sivan and Nathan Zeldes, the cosmological analogy to a black hole is used to illustrate a major problem facing city leaders – and to show its solution: a city wishing to retain enduring jobs and success must create its own black hole in a domain where it has an “unfair advantage” – ideally based on a local attribute or resource that can’t move elsewhere.

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$12,000 Distributed in CIV 2017 Venture Research Awards 科勒风投研究院2017研究奖——获奖者

Tel Aviv, Israel – CIV’s research awards aim to encourage and celebrate academic research in the field of venture with the goal of making a significant contribution to understanding and shaping the venture ecosystem. These awards and the Institute may provide the winners with a unique platform to discuss and disseminate their work, including participation in our future events. The call …

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