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2014 Awards – Winners

Coller Institute of Venture 2014 Research Awards

By Coller Institute of Venture

June 1, 2014

Tel Aviv, Israel – Coller Institute of Venture’s (CIV) research awards aim to encourage and support original academic research in field of venture with the goal of making a significant contribution to understanding and shaping the venture ecosystem. This award and the Institute will provide winners with a unique platform to discuss and disseminate their work.

In May of 2014, CIV awarded one senior award, one budding award as well as three senior awards runner ups. We hereby announce the winners are as follows:

Prof. Asher Tishler, Prof. Orly Sade, Mr. Dan Marom, Mr. Jeremy Coller (from left to right)

Senior Award: 

Mr. Dan Marom; Prof. Orly Sade

“Are the Life and Death of an Early Stage Venture Indeed in the Power of the Tongue? Lessons from Online Crowdfunding Pitches”


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Ms. Yael Inbar, Prof. Asher Tishler, Mr. Jeremy Coller (from left to right)

Budding Award:

Ms. Yael Inbar

“You Fund my Project and I’ll Fund Yours”: Social Dynamics and Reciprocity on Crowdfunding Platforms”


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Prof. Sean Wise, Prof. Asher Tishler, Prof. Dave Valliere, Mr. Jeremy Coller (from left to right)

Senior Awards Runner Up:
Prof. Sean Wise; Prof. Dave Valliere

“Management Experience and the Performance of Accelerators”


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Prof. Hyunsung D. Kang; Prof. Vikram K. Nanda

“Corporate Venture Capital, Technology Spillovers, and Capital Gains: Evidence from the Biopharmaceutical Industry”


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Dr. Axel Buchner;

“The Alpha and Beta of Private Equity Investments”


About Coller Institute of Venture

The Institute’s mission is to advance the global venture ecosystem. We see venture as a critical aspect of the modern economy. The essence of venture is creating up new companies, developing ideas, innovation, and models and turning them into businesses. Success in the venture arena means value creation to the users of the venture’s products or services, value to the entrepreneurs, value for the venture’s investors and value for institutional investors that allocate to the venture capital asset class. A healthy ecosystem of venture means that there is a fast pace from the inception of innovation through to value. More specifically, the speed by which innovation from universities, government research programs and company research and development efforts manifest into new ventures. Our goal is to further enable the global fast-paced, high-value venture ecosystem and to compress the value chain all the way from innovation through to institutional investors.


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