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First Call for Papers on City Venture Deadline: September 30, 2016

《风投新发现——城市创业》征稿启动 We are now accepting early proposals for papers for the next issue of Coller Venture Review, focused on City Venture. ($3,000 author’s honorarium for each accepted paper)

Submission deadline: September 30, 2016

Here we define the essence of venture as the creation of new companies that develop ideas, innovations, and models, and turn them into businesses. In the coming issue, we will look at the relationship between the city and the ventures inside it.

Potential research themes within the City Venture strand may include:

  • Inception of ventures within a city and the policies and strategies enacted for the purpose;
  • Growth of city ventures and the required infrastructure and environment;
  • Outcomes of city ventures, and how can a city maximize them for the benefit of its residents;
  • How can cities and ventures benefit from the symbiosis between them;
  • Which financial tools can help a city develop ventures and improve the quality of life; and
  • What are the risks that cause ventures to fail or harm the urban fabric.

vf11In addition to an author’s honorarium of US $3000, publishing with CIV may lead to further research collaboration, participation in our events, and the opportunity to expose your thinking and research to thousands of stakeholders in the global venture ecosystem.

Responses to this call must have reached CIV by 30 September 2016 and will include, at a minimum, a title, article outline, and the author’s CV. Any additional information and related articles by the author may be added.

CIV’s research is organized into strands, each addressing a particular aspect of the venture ecosystem. Current research strands include:

Each issue of Coller Venture Review is devoted to one strand.

Articles previously published in Coller Venture Review include:

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