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Introducing Coller Venture Review Issue 4 — Can Venture Make or Break Universities?



How can universities survive the new age of knowledge demonopolization

How can the academia cope with the challenges of the 21st century? 

Do they keep university presidents awake at night? 

A university’s ability to create ventures and interact with them is becoming a critical survival skill. After all, the lack of this ability is what made Harvard lose out to Stanford. And it will get worse…

Univenture  – University Venture – stems from the realization that the global venture ecosystem in the 21st century is changing, and the role of academia in it is of necessity going to change as well.

The traditional roles of universities – Creation of knowledge (=research), Transfer of knowledge (=teaching),  and Societal service through the use of knowledge – will remain, but their relative extent and nature are certain to change in ways still not fully understood; and universities are slow to identify the best manner they can adapt and integrate into the overall venture ecosystem – which is itself a moving target.

University leaders must find new ways to adapt and lead their institutions to the new age of knowledge and venture.

Our newly published University Venture Issue of Coller Venture Review shares ideas, case studies, successes and caveats to help cope with – and survive – these challenges.


Some of these cases will be discussed in-depth at the coming Univenture Visions 2017 workshop, to be held in April 2017 in Hong Kong




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