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Introducing CIV City Cases – Submit Your Own Case!

As part of our research into City Venture, we present a variety of CIV City Cases, each devoted to a single city. These describe, in a standard format, the experience of each city in developing its venture ecosystem. If you have intimate knowledge of the venture ecosystem story of your city, you are welcome to submit your own City Case.

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Dealing With Political Change Assessing London’s post-Brexit competitiveness

处理政治变革 This article provides new and actionable understanding of the London venture community’s ability to survive, or even thrive, in a post-Brexit context. This article examines the durability of key components of London’s Venture Fabric: availability of talent, access to capital across stages and the density of network required to make startups scale. Insights are based upon primary data collected through a survey of London-based entrepreneurs, asking how Brexit has affected staffing, funding and the vibrancy of the capital’s venture network.

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Introducing Coller Venture Review Issue 4 — Can Venture Make or Break Universities?

《风投新发现》第四期——《创业之于高校,是助力还是阻力?》 How can universities survive the new age of knowledge demonopolization? How can the academia cope with the challenges of the 21st century? Do they keep university presidents awake at night?Our newly published University Venture Issue of Coller Venture Review shares ideas, case studies, successes and caveats to help cope with – and survive – these challenges. Read the success story of Stanford's Office of Technology Licensing, shared by none other than its CEO; learn why Moscow's Skolkovo shouldn't have tried to clone MIT; discover unique cases of university venture from Kenya and India; and gather many more Univenture insights...

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