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Here you can find all global recommended venture events

CIV Executive Director Prof. Sivan Spoke About the Venture Ecosystem 科勒风投研究院行政总裁习移山教授讲授创业生态系统

科勒风投研究院行政总裁习移山教授讲授创业生态系统 CIV's  Executive Director Prof. Yesha Sivan spoke about The Venture Ecosystem at a joint course with the EU Human Brain Project, focused on entrepreneurship and innovation in academia and the first steps of transferring research insights to viable businesses.

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Can YOU Bring Our Timeline to Life?! – A Request for Information Submissions closed

Last year we developed a database of 160 key events, innovations and other factors relevant to the history of venture in the last hundred years. This played a key role in the second issue of our publication Coller Venture Review, and now we plan to make this treasure of knowledge accessible to the world in a dynamic, exciting manner through an interactive online visualization. More details coming soon.

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IPEM 2016 February 17-19| Cannes, France

On February 17, 2016, Coller Institute of Venture’s Chairman Prof. Eli Talmor delivered the keynote at the inaugurate IPEM 2016 Conference. The conference gathered leading private equity venture capitalists for a full 3 days. Prof. Talmor’s presentation was entitled Directions of Private Equity – Key Trends and the Role of Technology . The conference addressed various topics, ranging from venture to more technological subjects such as IOT.

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