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The Trade-Off Between Ownership and Investment: Evidence from Equity-Crowdfunding Campaigns Summary of Research Partially Funded by a CIV Grant

Every entrepreneur raising equity from investors faces a fundamental trade-off between retaining greater ownership in the company versus raising more funds. Equity crowdfunding is a recent FinTech innovation, allowing entrepreneurs to raise funding from "crowd" investors who can individually invest in a campaign, in return for equity shares. In a guest post by Nir Vulkan (Oxford Business School), the researchers set out to try and understand what factors explain the decision of entrepreneurs to take overfunding.

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First Call for Research Ideas on Venture Financing


第一通知关于创业融资研究思路 We are interested in your input for where we should take this strand:

  • Which research directions are interesting? What is new and trending in this space?
  • What funding models should we include?
  • Who are the key experts we should approach?
  • Do you have a paper to propose to our issue?
  • Do you wish to stay informed and interact with us as things come together?

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University Endowments Bleed Money – Can Venture Save Them?

大学捐赠榨干钱 – 风险投资是否能解救它们?US college endowment returns have sunk to an average -1.9 per cent in the 2016 fiscal year, while endowment spending on financial aid, research, and other programs increased by 8.1 per cent. These returns, reported at the NACUBO-Commonfund Study of Endowments (NCSE), are the lowest since the 2008-2009 financial crisis, and much lower than the modest 2.4% average gain in FY15.

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