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History of Venture


The World’s First Computer Startup

全球首家计算机初创企业 The digital computer has many fathers, some better known than others... but two of them stand out: Alan Turing in the UK, and Konrad Zuse in Germany. These two took very different approaches to inventing the computer, and comparing their stories leads to interesting insights. A guest post on the history of venture by Nathan Zeldes

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A Key Management Lesson from the 19th Century Guest Post on the History of Venture by Nathan Zeldes, CIV Research Affiliate

来自十九世纪关于公司管理的重要一课 Charles Babbage had been working for years on his vision of a mechanical programmable computer, the “Analytical Engine”. Being a mathematical genius, he nevertheless did not understand the need to relinquish the management reins to his apprentice, Ada Lovelace - and failed miserably. The transfer of power from the founders to a capable CEO was, apparently, an issue in Victorian England - and still is today. A guest post on the history of venture by Nathan Zeldes, CIV Research Affiliate.

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Understanding the Past to Invent the Future Lessons From the History of Venture

理解历史,创造未来 In his recent monograph on the history of Silicon Valley, Leslie Berlin, a Stanford historian, defines the factors that made the Valley world’s biggest hub of venture and innovation - Technology, Culture and Money are, according to Berlin, the three elephants upon which the Valley’s unique ecosystem stands; and a disruption of this unique ecosystem by local factors, such as expensive housing and growing inequalities, may eventually bring its demise.

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Can YOU Bring Our Timeline to Life?! – A Request for Information Submissions closed

Last year we developed a database of 160 key events, innovations and other factors relevant to the history of venture in the last hundred years. This played a key role in the second issue of our publication Coller Venture Review, and now we plan to make this treasure of knowledge accessible to the world in a dynamic, exciting manner through an interactive online visualization. More details coming soon.

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