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CIV2017HK Full Conference Program Released

We are pleased to announce the electronic release of the CIV2017HK conference brochure. Its 64 pages include all the necessary information for conference attendees, including speaker biographies, venues and timetables, as well as a special preview of articles and city cases from the upcoming City Venture issue of Coller Venture Review.

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How Did Hong-Kong Become the Most Competitive Economy in the World? Hong-Kong Surpasses the USA in Competitiveness, According to an IMD Report

香港如何成为全球最具竞争力经济体?According to an annual report recently published by IMD, a renowned Swiss business school, the USA has surrendered its status of the most competitive economy in the world to none other than Hong-Kong. What is it, then, that makes Hong-Kong's economy so competitive? And what can hinder its further development?

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Let’s Design HK 3.0 An Op-Ed by CIV Executive Director, Yesha Sivan

让我们设计香港经济3.0  On April 22, 2016, "South China Morning Post", Hong-Kong's leading daily newspaper, has published an op-ed by Yesha Sivan, CIV Executive Director, discussing the paths Hong-Kong shall follow to transform yet again and remain a leading global city in the 21-st century. In his piece titled "Let's Design HK 3.0", Yesha discusses the importance of design and leadership in shaping the future of Hong-Kong.

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