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CIV and Your Course (beta)

The Coller Institute of Venture strives to further the understanding of the nexus of venture and making venture successful. Academic institutions and centres of innovation, nurturing the next generation of venture policy makers and entrepreneurs, are a major factor in the improvement of the venture ecosystem.

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The Venture Ecosystem — Global, Messy and Fast Watch the lecture given by Prof. Yesha Sivan at the EU Brain Course

创业生态系统——全球化、凌乱化、快速化 While major VCs are more willing than ever to invest large sums in new ideas, founders often prefer using other, competing sources of funding, leaving VCs with second-tier investments and lower potential returns. In addition, the competition is no longer bound by location, and entrepreneurs can move quickly to find the best place for their startups to succeed. Watch "Messy, Fast and Global" - a lecture on the global venture ecosystem, presented by Prof. Yesha Sivan at the EU Human Brain Project.

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CIV Executive Director Prof. Sivan Spoke About the Venture Ecosystem 科勒风投研究院行政总裁习移山教授讲授创业生态系统

科勒风投研究院行政总裁习移山教授讲授创业生态系统 CIV's  Executive Director Prof. Yesha Sivan spoke about The Venture Ecosystem at a joint course with the EU Human Brain Project, focused on entrepreneurship and innovation in academia and the first steps of transferring research insights to viable businesses.

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