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CIV and Your Event

The Institute aims to be the leading hub and repository for venture knowledge and its distribution globally. It is our mission to partner with leading private, public, academic and government organisations that are aligned with our aim of furthering the understanding of the nexus of venture and making venture successful.

If you are interested in finding out more about partnering with the Coller Institute of Venture at your next event, please download CIV and Your Event document to learn more. 

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News updates on our recent collaborations with worldwide partners may be found below.

CIV Featured at TiECON Chennai 2016

On November 4-5, 2016, the Coller Institute of Venture was featured at TiECON – one of India’s largest entrepreneurship conferences, held in Chennai (Madras), Tamil Nadu. Presented by our partner, Prof. Thillai Rajan A. of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, our institute’s work was accessible at the IITM stall – where a digital version of the new CIV introductory video was screened, and CVR 2017 Catalogs were distributed.

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CIV Executive Director Prof. Sivan Spoke About the Venture Ecosystem 科勒风投研究院行政总裁习移山教授讲授创业生态系统

科勒风投研究院行政总裁习移山教授讲授创业生态系统 CIV's  Executive Director Prof. Yesha Sivan spoke about The Venture Ecosystem at a joint course with the EU Human Brain Project, focused on entrepreneurship and innovation in academia and the first steps of transferring research insights to viable businesses.

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Distribute Our Deep Innovation Issue at Your Next Event

The Coller Institute of Venture’s January 2016 issue of Coller Venture Review dedicated to Deep Innovation is now available for partner distribution. Currently numerous CIV partners are delivering the publication to their key community members, and distributing the issue at their events.

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