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CIV City Cases

Pune (India): A Perfect Symbiosis of Culture and Start-Ups CIV City Case - Pune (2011-2017)

Pune , the cultural capital of Maharashtra (India) and a large-scale educational and industrial hub, has been selected for development as a Smart City under the Indian Smart Cities Mission. Today it boasts an emerging start-up ecosystem and ranks next to Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai in terms of the number of deals and VC funding. The start-up ecosystem of Pune is evolving rapidly. The presence of international corporations and the development of IT industry in the last decade have promoted migration into the city, heavy real estate development and shooting property prices. Read a new CIV City Case on Pune by Dr. Ambuj Gupta. 

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Introducing CIV City Cases – Submit Your Own Case!

As part of our research into City Venture, we present a variety of CIV City Cases, each devoted to a single city. These describe, in a standard format, the experience of each city in developing its venture ecosystem. If you have intimate knowledge of the venture ecosystem story of your city, you are welcome to submit your own City Case.

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