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What is De-Know-Polization?

The 20th-century monopoly that universities had on knowledge is being attacked. Watch a 2-minute trailer, where Prof. Yesha Sivan explains the concept - an excerpt from an interview of Prof. Yesha Sivan to Benjamin Butler (Emerging Future)

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CIV2017HK Full Conference Program Released

We are pleased to announce the electronic release of the CIV2017HK conference brochure. Its 64 pages include all the necessary information for conference attendees, including speaker biographies, venues and timetables, as well as a special preview of articles and city cases from the upcoming City Venture issue of Coller Venture Review.

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Mobileye: A Feather in Jerusalem’s Venture Cap

莫比莱 (Mobileye):耶路撒冷风险投资的荣誉 Everyone’s excited about the acquisition of Mobileye by Intel. At US$15.3 billion, Intel’s purchase of Mobileye is the largest exit in Israel's high-tech industry to date. Read a post by Nathan Zeldes depicting the connection between the university venture that created "Mobileye", and the city venture that enabled it to flourish and succeed in Jerusalem, Israel - an emerging tech hub. Find out more about the Jerusalem venture ecosystem in an in-depth article from the coming issue of CVR.

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University Venture: The View From Stanford An interview on university venture with Katharine Ku, Executive Director of the Stanford University Office of Technology Licensing

高校创业:撕单福大学的观点 "This is not about making money, it is about entrepreneurship, about moving the technology from the university to industry as efficiently and effectively as possible," says Katharine Ku, Executive Director of the Stanford University Office of Technology Licensing, in an interview to Vladi Dvoyris, Director of Community at CIV. Ms. Ku, leading the Stanford OTL for the past 26 years, will be speaking at the CIV2017HK conference in Hong Kong.

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