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Managing Research in a Profit-Focused Company

Profit-focused companies need to deliver and sell their products in order to sustain themselves. How can they do it while maintaining, at the same time, bold and innovative research pathways potentially leading to future progress. Oded Cohn, Head of the IBM Israel Research Lab, explains in a short video interview to CIV.

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What Impact Can an Investor Have on a New Venture?

According to Prof. Elisa Alvarez-Garrido from Georgia State University, even ventures who know a lot about where they’re heading can still benefit much from investors. “They also need a lot of help with other things. Corporate Venture Capitalists do not only lend them the money but also help them figure out the issues about their regulation, for instance.” Prof. Alvarez-Garrido …

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Watch our New Video on Brexit and the London Tech Ecosystem

With Brexit looming, the uncertainty about London’s economic future is at its peak. What happens next? Can London survive the separation from the European Union? This video is our take on the impact of Brexit on the London venture ecosystem, summarized from Issue 5 of Coller Venture Review.

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