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Employment Black Holes Concept Video

We are proud to present a video abstract of the concept article on cities and ventures from the new City Venture issue of Coller Venture Review – “Employment Black Holes”, namely: How can cities and geographical areas become so compelling that they pull in talent, funding, and innovation, and thus constantly create and sustain jobs at the expense of the …

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What is De-Know-Polization?

The 20th-century monopoly that universities had on knowledge is being attacked. Watch a 2-minute trailer, where Prof. Yesha Sivan explains the concept - an excerpt from an interview of Prof. Yesha Sivan to Benjamin Butler (Emerging Future)

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How do Accelerators and Incubator Funds Fit into the Venture Ecosystem?

Are accelerators and incubator funds essential for every new industry? According to Dr. Simone Botti, Head of a bio-incubator fund at MS Ventures, the answer is no. For some industries, like mobile apps or internet economies, incubators may not be a necessity, but just a way to come by more people and more ideas. This is because the marketing time for these is so quick, that an incubator is not crucial.

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Industry-Academia Cooperation at the TAU Sagol School of Neuroscience

特拉维夫大学Sagol神经科学学院的产学合作 We talked to Dr. Dana Bar-On, Head of Industrial-Academic Relationships at the Sagol School of Neuroscience, about the importance of her role in making the connection between academics and the industry. The Sagol School of Neuroscience is Israel's leading institution in the field, combining researchers from medicine, psychology, life sciences and exact sciences, among others. The school's research promises to open new frontiers in our understanding of the human brain, and find new solutions to debilitating neurological conditions.

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The Venture Ecosystem — Global, Messy and Fast Watch the lecture given by Prof. Yesha Sivan at the EU Brain Course

创业生态系统——全球化、凌乱化、快速化 While major VCs are more willing than ever to invest large sums in new ideas, founders often prefer using other, competing sources of funding, leaving VCs with second-tier investments and lower potential returns. In addition, the competition is no longer bound by location, and entrepreneurs can move quickly to find the best place for their startups to succeed. Watch "Messy, Fast and Global" - a lecture on the global venture ecosystem, presented by Prof. Yesha Sivan at the EU Human Brain Project.

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