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CIV at the UCY C4E 2nd Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum 30-Nov - 1-Dec-2016 | University of Cyprus, Nicosia


科勒风投研究院参与主办塞浦路斯大学企业家精神中心的第二届创新与企业家精神论坛 The 2nd Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, organised by the University of Cyprus’ Centre for Entrepreneurship in cooperation with the Coller Institute of Venture and PwC Cyprus, was held with great success.

The two-day forum, which took place on 30 November and 1 December 2016, focused on the rapidly changing 21st century venture ecosystem and the need for the academic community to continuously adapt to the new state of affairs. The forum featured keynote lectures by Nava Swersky-Sofer (Managing Director, IDC Beyond, Israel), Nathan Zeldes (Managing Editor, Coller Venture Review), Dr. Vladi Dvoyris (Director of Venture Community, CIV) and Marcia Trillidou (Scientific Officer, Research Promotion Foundation Cyprus). Analysing the nature of this change, the speakers said it was not yet fully understood. Although universities are expected to remain the centres for research, teaching and impact in the coming decades, they must find a way to cope with the exponential growth of academic knowledge and integrate into the venture ecosystem, which is continuously transforming.

The forum, which was attended by University of Cyprus students but also individuals from various business sectors, addressed issues such as the relationship between University and Venture, how useful entrepreneurship is, the role of “millennials” at the universities and the need to develop infrastructures to disseminate relevant technologies. On the second day of the forum, participants had the opportunity to take part in a workshop titled “Embarking on a University Venture Journey”. The workshop, developed and facilitated by the Coller Institute of Venture, enabled participants to define the necessary steps, factors and stakeholders for the establishment of a successful technology transfer operation at the University of Cyprus.

The Coller Institute of Venture offers workshops and courses based on our research strands and Coller Venture Review cases. For additional information, please refer to CIV and Your Course and CIV and your Event.

See additional photos of the forum below.

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