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CIV July 2016 Updates

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I’m writing to share with you our latest updates. In this newsletter you will find:

(1) East vs. West Coast Contracts: Does Location Matter? — a guest post by Jennifer Kuan
(2) Call for a $10,000 CIV Research Award — Submission deadline: 31-Jul-2016
(3) New Zealand Venture Investment Fund Stops Investing Taxpayer Money — an editorial by Robyn Klingler-Vidra
(4) Staying on the City Growth Treadmill — a guest post by Rashik Parmar, IBM-UK Lead Cloud Advisor
(5) First Call for Papers on City Venture — writing grants offered to each accepted paper. Submission deadline: 12-Jul-2016
(6) The Role of Early IP in the Life of a Start-Up — a guest post by Shmuel Ur
(7) The Founder that Cannot Manage: The Case of Charles Babbage — a post by Nathan Zeldes


Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan, Executive Director
Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University

(1) East vs. West Coast Contracts: Does Location Matter? — Could a venture capitalist enjoy the same results from anywhere in the world? Some evidence suggests location matters. Contracts in Silicon Valley differ enormously from the rest of the world, reflecting differences in VC attitude and shedding a light on the Valley’s “secret sauce”.
See full item by Jennifer Kuan, CIV 2015 Research Grant Winner and part the CIV Policy strand.

WIN_1601(2) Call for a $10,000 CIV Research Award — the Award will be presented to a new paper or work first published since June 2015. We want to encourage creativity in venture research – feel free to make a preliminary enquiry before submitting. Submission deadline: July 31, 2016
See the call for awards and submit your paper
nzvif(3) New Zealand Venture Investment Fund Stops Investing Taxpayer Money — and announcing a transition to a “self-sustaining commercial model” after investing $162 million of New-Zealand taxpayer money in venture capital, with a negative ROI. Will neo-liberal policy-makers maintain their efforts to drive sector-specific activity through government funding?
See full editorial by Robyn Klingler-Vidra, Head of the CIV Policy Strand
(4) Staying on the City Growth Treadmill — City leaders need to develop a clear image of their current portfolio of businesses to identify the strategies they need to drive to ensure the continued growth of the region. They have a critical role in identifying the interventions at their disposal that have most likelihood of success.
See full item by Rashik Parmar, part of our City Venture strand
city-venture-logo-forCFP-firstcall(5) First Call for Papers on City Venture — If you are keen to explore the relationship between cities and the ventures within them – share your academic insights with a worldwide community of venture policy-makers. $3,000 author’s honorarium for each accepted paper. Submission deadline: July 12,2016
See full item and submission guidelines


(6) The Role of Early IP in the Life of a Start-Up — Patents help companies raise money and increase their valuations. However, start-up founders are often too busy with the “here and now” – and it is for the investors to spark the brainstorming and drive the long-term thinking.
See full item by Shmuel Ur, part of our Deep Innovation strand

(7) The Founder that Cannot Manage: The Case of Charles Babbage — Being a mathematical genius, Babbage nevertheless did not understand the need to relinquish the management reins to his apprentice, Ada Lovelace – and failed miserably. The transfer of power from the founders to a capable CEO is still an issue today.
See full item by Nathan Zeldes, part of our History of Venture strand
guest-post(P.S.1) Share a Guest Post With the CIV Community — Members of our community wishing to share their insights and ideas in a guest post at the CIV website, are welcome to read earlier guest posts and follow theguidelines for guest post submission.

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