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CIV June 2016 Updates

Dear friend,

I’m writing to share with you our latest updates:

(1) The Coller School of Management Inaugurated at Tel-Aviv University
(2) Let’s Design HK 3.0 — an op-ed by Prof. Yesha Sivan in Hong-Kong’s “South China Morning Post”
(3) Not Just Meat – SuperMeat! — A guest post by Ido Savir
(4) Too Talented to Innovate? — A guest post by Prof. David Zvilichovsky, a recipient of a CIV research grant
(5) If You Can’t Beat Them… — A guest post by Yoni Passwell
(6) Share a Guest Post with the CIV community
(7) Coming Soon: Innovating Universities — the new University Venture issue of Coller Venture Review
(8) CIV Online Member Resources


Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan, Executive Director
Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University

(1) The Coller School of Management Inaugurated at Tel-Aviv University — Jeremy Coller, founder of the Coller Institute of Venture, has donated $50 million to the Tel-Aviv University School of Management. The incredibly generous donation was allocated for research and development, study programs and teaching.
See full item

(2) Let’s Design HK 3.0 — “South China Morning Post”, Hong-Kong’s leading daily newspaper, has published an op-ed by Prof. Yesha Sivan, CIV Executive Director, discussing the importance of design and leadership in shaping the future of Hong-Kong; and the paths Hong-Kong shall follow to transform yet again and remain a leading global city in the 21-st century.
See full item

(3) Not Just Meat – SuperMeat! — By 2050, the world’s population will grow to more than 9 billion, and our appetite for meat will grow along with it. Cultured meat has the potential of becoming the perfect industrial meat alternative.
See full item by Ido Savir, CEO and co-founder of SuperMeat, which is part of our Deep Innovation research strand.

(4) Too Talented to Innovate? — When deciding on the execution of a project, entrepreneurs evaluate the trade-off between the positive expected return from the currently available project, and the impact such an execution may have on the financing of future projects.
See full item by CIV 2014 grant winners Prof. David Zvilichovsky and Prof. Noam Shamir, part of our Policy research strand.

(5) If You Can’t Beat Them… — The market constantly introduces innovation in the urban space, especially when it comes to tourism. The immediate response of cities facing the rising objection of hotels, cab companies and restaurants is to ban such innovations and battle them in courts. But what if a city would actually embrace and encourage these initiatives?
See full item by Yoni Passwell, Voyjer CEO, which is part of our City Venture research strand.

(6) Share a Guest Post With the CIV Community — Members of our community wishing to share their insights and ideas in a guest post at the CIV website, are welcome to read earlier guest posts and follow theguidelines for guest post submission.

(7) Coming soon: Innovating Universities— The new issue of Coller Venture Review will include ten articles that examine University Venture from numerous angles, in various locations around the world.
See full preview pageprevious issues and posts of the University Venture research strand.

(8) CIV Online Member Resources

And numerous additional videos, presentations and articles
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