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CIV September 2017 Update

Dear friend,

This month, we have published the 2018 Catalog of Coller Venture Review, presenting 43 original articles on venture and innovation.

I’m writing to share with you a few of our hidden treasures – insightful and thorough articles focusing on different facets of venture. These and other articles are accessible free-of-charge to CIV members worldwide.

(1) Is the VC Model Broken — an original article by Allee Zhang
(2) The Challenges of Deep Innovation: From American Academia to the Marketplace — an original article by Zeev Rosenzweig and Melissa Muth
(3) Corporate Adventure in Venture: Do Giants Create Giants?  — an original article by Gary Dushnitsky
(4) The National Science Foundation’s Lean Start-Up Push  — an original article by Michael Ehrlich
(5) Measuring University Venture: A Proposed Framework — an original article by Peter T. Gianiodis and William R. Meek


Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan, Executive Director
Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University

(1) Is the VC Model Broken  Many VC investments are a poor deal for LPs. However, this matter is clouded by data that is patchy, anecdotal, and at times confusing. This original article tries to tackle the question by identifying metrics and comparing data from the US and European VC scenes.
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(2) The Challenges of Deep Innovation: From American Academia to the Marketplace  This policy case study examines the strategies applied by the US government through its science funding agencies to enable the development of new technologies or products based on scientific discoveries in US academic institutions.
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(3) Corporate Adventure in Venture: Do Giants Create Giants?  This article reviews the rise and implications of corporate venture capitalists — large companies that invest in ventures in a systematic manner that they view as a component of their corporate strategy. CVCs have the means and motivation to invest in ventures requiring substantial resources, and the know-how to help bridge the chasm between science and market.
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(4) The National Science Foundation’s Lean Start-Up Push  The US prides itself on the ideals of the ambitious self-made entrepreneur and the existence of unlimited opportunities; but in reality, these results owe much to federally enacted regulations, laws and support structures empowering the move from hopeful ambition to a commercially successful venture.
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(5) Measuring University Venture: A Proposed Framework  While many universities measure their success in venture creation, all but a few elite universities have achieved only modest impact. Given this gap, the authors suggest that universities should re-evaluate the prevailing metrics used to evaluate university venture.
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