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Coller Venture TV | Deep Innovation I: Overview

On May 19th 2014, we organized and hosted an international Deep Innovation Workshop. As a record of the productive and energetic discussions, we have compiled videos including keynote talks, presentations, team work and reflections, research awards ceremony and so on.

Prof. Joseph (Yossi) Klafter, President of Tel Aviv University, gave a welcoming speech on the Deep Innovation Workshop.

Prof. Moshe Zviran, the Dean of the TAU Business School, gave a welcoming speech about the Deep Innovation Workshop.

The workshop started with a thorough introduction on “The State of Venture”. The talks include

“The Venture Ecosystem and Its Impact on Deep Innovation & Plan of the Day” by Prof. Yesha Sivan, Executive Director, Coller Institute of Venture

“Lessons from History of Venture” by Prof. Eli Talmor, London Business School; Founding Chairman, Coller Institute of Venture

“Models for Government Support for Deep Innovation” by Dr. Robyn Klingler Vidra, Senior Research Fellow, Coller Institute of Venture

Mr. Ram Waisbourd’s comprehensive talk “Challenges to Deep Innovation”.

Prof. Yossi Rosenwaks and Prof. Uri Ashery’s talks led the participants to the two focuses of the workshop: Nano-technology and Brain Science.


With an interactive team work and group discussion, team leaders gave their insightful reflective thoughts on the deep innovation workshop, and followed by the panel conclusion.


In the evening reception, we had our 2014 Research Award Ceremony.

For more videos, please visit CollerTV.


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