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Coller Venture TV | MIXiii Conference

On May 20th, Coller Institute of Venture has joined MIXiii Israel Innovation Conference in Tel Aviv with a theme “Innovation in Funding Venture”. It started with Prof. Eli Talmor’s introduction on “Observations from 100 Years of Venture”.

Following Prof. Eli Talmor’s general observation on the “venture” concept, Prof. Yesha Sivan has given a comprehensive and thorough talk on “The Evolving Venture Ecosystem”.

Senior Research Fellow Dr. Robyn Klingler Vidra’s talk on “Policy Implication” has drew audiences’ attention on venture policy, which is the focal topic in our publication Coller Venture Review.

Mr. Shai Goitein, Founder and CEO of Tailor Toys, LLC has also given the audiences an impressive presentation on a case study of his own crowdfunding project Powerup 3.0.

And Mr. Jon Medved, CEO of OurCrowd, presented the concept of OurCrowd in practice.

In the end, it is the Innovation in Funding Venture Reflective Panel

Interviews could be found in our CollerTV channel.

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