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Come and discuss the challenges of deep innovation at BrainTech, March 11-12, 2015


誠邀出席2015年3月1112日舉行的BrainTech, 共同探討深度革新的挑戰

BrainTech 2015 is the premier international conference convening stakeholders in brain technology


Coller Institute of Venture is delighted to be a sponsor of BrainTech 2015, the flagship event of Israel Brain Technologies (IBT)

The brainchild of Israel’s former President Shimon Peres, IBT is dedicated to bringing doctors, innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors in the BrainTech arena together, so that patients get access to new treatments, faster.

Coller Institute of Venture and IBT share the mission to accelerate the pace from inception of innovation through to value. Deep innovation, one of Coller Institute of Venture’s research strands, focuses on how to turn innovations that can take 10-15 years to mature into viable ventures, both from the investment and innovation perspective.

Prof Yesha Sivan, Executive Director of Coller Institute of Venture, will be moderating a session discussing the challenges of deep innovation in brain. The speakers will be:

  • Tom Hyde, MD PhD: Co-Director of the Lieber Institute of Brain Tissue Repository
  • Yakov Michlin, LLM MBA: President and CEO of Yissum
  • Karlheinz Meier, PhD: Co-Director of Future Computing, EU Human Brain Project
  • Ryan D’Arcy, PhD: Co-Chair of Surrey Innovation Boulevard
  • Zafrira Avnur, PhD: Global Head of Academic Collaborations and Neglected Disases, Roche Partnering

We will discuss what are the bottlenecks in brain deep innovation. Is IP management the key difficulty, as considered by many? What can be done to close the valuation gap between technology transfer organizations (TTOs), entrepreneurs and investors? Or perhaps the critical challenge is more fundamental, the rarity that the right mix of motivated stakeholders from diverse disciplines come together with the know how to address the unmet need?  Are such challenges unique to brain or common to deep innovation in other disciplines?

Coller Institute of Venture invites you to join the debate and shape the discussions with your questions.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to see the agenda of the event.

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