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Corporate Innovation and Corporate Venture Capital 2017 – Lessons from the Startup Nation 11-May-2017 @ WHU Dusseldorf

Israel has been branded as the “Startup Nation.” Though a small country, it has one of the world’s most vibrant and innovative tech sectors and boasts more startups per capita than any other country in the world. An increasing number of German corporates have ventured into Israel to buy a window into this powerful talent pool and tech cluster. This was the focus of the upcoming Corporate Innovation and Corporate Venture Capital 2017 event, held on 11-May-2017 in Dusseldorf, Germany, as part of the Dusseldorf Start-Up Week. 

The Corporate Innovation and Venturing team at the WHU – Otto Belsheim School of Management (Vallendar / Dusseldorf, Germany) has invited a number of internationally renowned speakers, including high-ranking Israeli diplomats, corporate executives and investors, successful entrepreneurs and renowned academics, who provided their insights on the corporate innovation and corporate venture capital scene in Israel and shared their lessons learnt for cross-border investment opportunities and how best to build bridges between Tel Aviv and other European tech hubs. Prof. Eli Talmor, Chairman of the Coller Institute of Venture, was featured among the speakers, together with high-profile researchers and leaders of corporate venturing – Joerg Rheinboldt, CEO of Axel Springer Plug&Play Accelerator; Dr. Paolo Bavaj of Henkel; and Prof. Hossam Haick of the Technion

In the second part of the event, the participants heard from successful serial acquirers on how they overcome the challenges of acquiring and integrating startups to boost corporate innovation. Corporates and startups shared their experiences with equity and non-equity partnerships and a closer look was taken at best practices how to set up CVC arms and incentivize the corporate investment managers.

Find more details about the event here.

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