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CTO of Intellectual Ventures on Funding Innovation for the Long Haul 高智发明首席技术官谈如何实现长期注资支持创新

Funding Innovation for the Long Haul高智发明首席技术官谈如何实现长期注资支持创新

We have come to glorify overnight venture success stories.

In Edward Jung’s article Funding Innovation for the Long Haul, he argues that society’s core innovations were the result of sustained government support, as opposed to lone visionaries with a grand idea.

He considers long term Government investments to be the most effective mechanism for generating the kind of deep innovation that changes our lives. He goes on to say that “only sustained, state-sponsored research initiatives can establish the incentive structure for driving broad and deep technological change.”

In order to keep the USA competitive in the global economy, a bill was introduced by Senator Dick Durbin and Representative Bill Foster of Illinois that would fund basic research for $100 billion over the next decade. Mr. Jung urges that more elected officials should follow suit and recognize the vital importance of sustained government funding for solving complex problems and changing the world.

Edward Jung is Founder and CTO of Intellectual Ventures. Read the full post published in Intellectual Venture’s Insights Blog

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