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CVR Issue 1 – Welcome/Policy


Policy is at the heart of venture success

Policy of venture can be examined through a number of lenses – global, national, or local; whether it is the European Union attempting to drive innovation across the continent, the U.S. government legislating supportive laws that encourage new ventures, or the municipality of Barcelona fostering the creation of a Science Park.

Thus, the first issue of Coller Venture Review – its Welcome issue – is devoted to a high-level examination of policies. Beginning with an overview of today’s global venture ecosystem, it continues with articles scrutinizing the VC model and value, the success factors governing Science Parks, and concludes with a tapestry of 44 policy components that policymakers can mix and match to optimize their efforts.

Whether you are a policymaker or an involved stakeholder, this issue is designed to leave you better informed and able to address the challenges ahead with actionable insights and models.


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Messy, Fast, and Global

The Venture Ecosystem Framework

by Prof. Yesha Sivan

Six Trends Shaping the Venture Ecosystem

Is the VC Model “Broken”?

Observations on VC Success: Who Wins and Who Loses within the Asset Class?

by Allee Zhang

Has the venture capital (VC) fund model been successful in rewarding investors with returns worth their high-risk illiquid investments?

Measuring Science Parks’ Performance

TusPark, Imperial West and 15 Other Parks

by Prof. Abraham Carmeli

How parks are designed and managed to achieve optimal performance

The Public Venture Policy Menu

44 Policies Public Authorities Can Take

by Dr. Robyn Klingler-Vidra

Public policymakers’ tools for fostering local venture ecosystems