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CVR Issue 2 – History Design the Future by Using the Past


How is the Sputnik launch connected to the invention of the Internet? What can we learn from the relationship of war and technological development? These are the kinds of questions that we asked when we set out to look at the History of Venture. Our goal was to create a database capturing the History of Venture in the tumultuous century starting with World War I, and thereby enable the study of individual events, of the relationships between events, and of the high-level insights that would emerge.

This research project placed in our hands an invaluable resource for studying venture and innovation and the factors impacting their success, and inspired much of the present issue of Coller Venture Review. We then put it at the disposal of researchers of Venture and History everywhere, along with our design considerations which are described in this issue.

The CIVHOV database reveals multiple insights, especially when you look across the sweep of the century for commonalities and interesting conclusions. These are shared in the article “Key Insights From a Century of Venture”. The database itself is shared here in two forms, a timeline and a data table; the full database can be accessed electronically by CIV community members on the CIV web site, and can inform your own research. Articles about specific cases of venture evolution in different locales – for example, the development of Apple and the growth of the Chinese venture capital market – complete this issue.

Read all about it – and accept our invitation to engage with the CIVHOV database by adding content and collaborating in our research.


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Design the Future by Using the Past

Overview of the History Issue: Rationale and Content

by Prof. Yesha Sivan and Dr. Robyn Klingler-Vidra


Key Insights from a Century of Venture

Lessons from the Coller History of Venture Database

by Prof. Eli Talmor

What can we learn through a centurial (1914-2014) analysis of major events in venture?

History of Venture Database

The History of Venture (CIVHOV) database outlines a century of compelling events that impacted not only the world of venture, but the world as we know it.

Methodology and Structure

by Ido Yavnai and Nathan Zeldes

How and why you choose the most important events from the past century

View and Search the Database


Tulips, Gold Rush, And Dotcom

Riding the Next Bubble

by Prof. Dave Valliere

Explaining why bubbles in the venture ecosystem happen again and again.

Apple’s DNA

Socially Connected Inventors and Technologies

by André Vermeij

How much did Steve Jobs drive Apple’s innovations? Analyzing the dynamic networks producing Apple’s edge from 1978-2014.

Corporate Adventure in Venture

Do Giants Create Giants?

by Prof. Gary Dushnitsky

Google, Intel and Pfizer: the historic rise of corporate venture capital and its implications for the venture ecosystem.

Growing The Venture Dragon: China

A Regional Case Study

by Prof. Manhong Mannie Liu

Key developments in China’s venture capital market 1985-2015, and forecast for the future.

Seeding A Venture Wolf: Baltics

A Regional Case Study

by Linas Sabaliauskas

Before Skype was Skype: how public investors fueled the growth of the Baltic venture capital market, 1990-2014.