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CVR Issue 3 – Deep Innovation Can Venture Go Deep?


Issue 3 of the Coller Venture Review looks at one of the more difficult kinds of innovative ventures: Deep Innovation.

We define Deep Innovation as inventions that are enabled by basic research or a scientific breakthrough. Unlike what we see in the ubiquitous digital/internet/cyber startups, these usually entail substantial resources (US$5–100 million), and may take years (5–20) to materialize. Notable examples can be found in the sectors of:

  • Pharma
  • Water venture
  • Nanotechnology
  • Brain tech

Because of the sheer size of the required effort, these innovations are notoriously difficult to bring to commercial success. The oft-used metaphor is “crossing the valley of death,” that gulf between the research laboratory and industrial application that neither academia nor industry may have the will or patience to traverse.

The ten articles in this issue examine this theme from many angles, in domains from Nanotechnology to Food Tech and from Pharma to Materials Science. The authors come from backgrounds as diverse as academia, industry, and venture capital. Between them they share success stories and lessons learned, which will inform and enlighten you as you consider deep innovation in any field of science and technology.


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Deep Innovation: Solving Humanity’s Big Problems Needs More Commitment

An overview

by Prof. Yesha Sivan and Dr. Robyn Klingler-Vidra


Deep Innovation a la Tau Nanotech Center

An Institutional Case Study

by Prof. Yael Hanein

Multi-disciplinary approach that strives for business leaps

Deep Innovation in the Medical Domain a la Boston’s CIMIT

An Institutional Case Study

by Prof. Steven C. Schachter et al.

Crossing the chasm from academia to industry

Deep Innovation and Brain Ventures

A Domain Case Study

by Dr. Dana Bar-On

Advancing solutions for debilitating conditions

Deep Innovation and Pharmaceutical Ventures

A Domain Case Study

by Ram Waisbourd

Crossing the Valley of Death

Deep Innovation with Graphene Technologies

A Technology Case Study

by Prof. Daniela Baglieri et al.

Recombinant capabilities and patent portfolio strategies

Deep Innovation in Water Ventures

A Domain Case Study

by Roy Wiesner

Big opportunities and challenges

Deep Innovation in Food Ventures

A Domain Case Study

by Niccolo Manzoni

Feed humanity more, and healthier

Deep Innovation with Irrigation Technologies

A Technology Case Study

by Dr. Yoav Zeif

Netafim – growing more with less

The Challenges of Deep Innovation: From American Academia to the Marketplace

A Policy Case Study

by Prof. Zeev Rosenzweig and Melissa Muth

How the U.S. enables small- and medium-sized enterprises