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CVR Issue 4 – University Venture


Can Venture Make or Break Universities?

A university’s ability to create ventures and interact with them is becoming a critical survival skill. After all, the lack of this ability is what made Harvard lose out to Stanford. And it will get worse…

Univenture  – University Venture – stems from the realization that the global venture ecosystem in the 21st century is changing, and the role of academia in it is of necessity going to change as well.

The traditional roles of universities – Creation of knowledge (=research), Transfer of knowledge (=teaching),  and Societal service through the use of knowledge – will remain, but their relative extent and nature are certain to change in ways still not fully understood; and universities are slow to identify the best manner they can adapt and integrate into the overall venture ecosystem – which is itself a moving target.

The necessity of coping with all this is sure to keep university players awake at night. Our issue #4 shares ideas, case studies, successes and caveats to help cope with – and survive – this challenge.


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Universities facing the de-monopolization of knowledge research, teaching and service

by Prof. Yesha Sivan and Dr. Robyn Klingler-Vidra

STOP: wanting to be Harvard; CAUTION: you are not in Silicon Valley; GO: your own univenture path

Stanford’s Univenture Secret Sauce

Embracing risk, ambiguity and collaboration

by Katharine Ku

What is the secret of Silicon Valley’s success? Hint: it’s all in the attitude

Utah’s Creation of a Univenture Oasis in the Desert

100+ university spin-outs in 5 years

by Dr. Norris Krueger

A recipe for a successful univenture program – and some hurdles to beware of

The Uniqueness of Stem Cell Ecosystems

Lessons in matching local culture

by Prof. Adam Bock and David Johnson

Why carelessly copying “best practices” from Stanford or MIT can kill your univenture program

Crafting a Silicon Savannah

Univenture in an emerging context

by Wilfred Mutua Mworia

How to build a “Silicon Savannah” in a challenging environment

The National Science Foundation’s Lean Start-Up Push

I-Corps as a Model for International Univenture

by Prof. Michael Ehrlich

Learn what the U.S. has been doing to direct academic innovation into commercial success

One Stroke, Many Colors – Univenture at IIT Madras

Programs, stakeholders, and their relationships

by Prof. Thillai Rajan A. and Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala

How wealth creation can be reconciled with universities’ traditional roles so everyone wins

Europe’s Bid for a Univenture Breakthrough

The case of a newly designed Univenture ecosystem

by Jean H. A. Gelissen

The EU’s gambit to close the innovation gap with the U.S.

Looking for a Second Miracle on the Han River

The roots of Korea’s leading univenture ecosystems: KAIST and POSTECH

by David S. Lee

How universities can work with both public and private partners to engage with a rapidly changing venture ecosystem

Measuring University Venture: A Proposed Framework

Holistic parameters for measuring impact

by Prof. Peter T.  Gianiodis and Prof. William R.  Meek

Why our univenture metrics are broken, and how we can achieve better success by replacing them