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Europe’s Bid for a Univenture Breakthrough The Case of a Newly Designed Univenture Ecosystem

The EU’s gambit to close the innovation gap with the U.S.

Can European innovation catch up?

Europe needs innovative ventures. And yet it is facing a significant innovation challenge, where good ideas are too rarely turned into new products or services – despite an excellent academic research base, dynamic companies and creative talent.

The continent needs a breakthrough in order to meet this challenge, or it will fall behind; and it knows this. One response it took was the establishment by the EU of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), whose goal is to advance the capacity to innovate across the European Union, with specific societal goals in mind.

EIT Digital, a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) within EIT, has consistently mobilized talent, ideas, technologies, investments and business across Europe and beyond to stimulate open disruptive digital innovation. With centers spanning the continent, its mission is to foster digital technology innovation, entrepreneurial talent for economic growth and quality of life.

The Health and Wellbeing action line within this effort focuses on the application of digital innovation to slow down the growth of health care expenses, while maintaining the quality of life of Europe’s aging population – a goal applicable to other geographies as well. This article describes how this program works, and shares some exciting results, including:

  • gymCentral – a virtual gym application for training and rehab from home that integrates live coach support, sensors, and social interaction
  • Gamebus – a serious game that stimulates physical and cognitive activity, provides a personalized gaming experience and rewards teams for sharing healthy social, cognitive, and physical activities
  • Memorizon – an ICT tool, based on a recognized method to manage symptoms of cognitive impairment for people with early symptoms of dementia

By enabling these ventures EIT catalyzes the missing venture capability and mindset while solving very pressing problems for people and for society – a definite Win/Win.

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About the Author:

Jean H.A. Gelissen – Action Line Leader Health and Wellbeing at EIT Digital, the Netherlands