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CVR Issue 5 – City Venture

The City Venture Issue is coming soon – please enjoy a sneak peek into select articles


Employment Black Holes

The key to the wealth of cities

by Prof. Yesha Sivan and Nathan Zeldes

How are Black Holes critical for your city’s enduring prosperity?

The Role Of Ventures In Strengthening The Fabric Of The City (Coming soon)

The case of Chennai

by Thillai Rajan A. and Vikram Kapur

A city can support ventures… and should, because ventures return the favor in ways you might not expect.

Hyper-Local Venture Development (Coming soon)

Implementation of a Health IT Cluster in Newark, NJ

by Prof. Michael Ehrlich

Here is an application of Cluster Theory to making one’s city a success.

The “Tech” Of Two Cities

Why Hong Kong failed where Shenzhen succeeded

by Horace Yeung and Flora Huang

This is a fascinating comparative case study of two world systems that fate placed together. There is much to learn from both sides of the equation!

The Business Kibbutz

The culture that leads the Jerusalem venture ecosystem

by Hanan Brand, Helen Wexler and Wendy Singer

Meet an extraordinary story of urban transformation – and discover a “secret sauce” that could be used to transform your city as well.

Reno’s Venture Gamble (Coming soon)

Leveraging Tesla’s Gigafactory

by Jack Wroldsen

Here is a little city that did exactly the right things to attain success. If the city you manage is not a Silicon Valley, there are lessons here that could be of great benefit to you.

Dealing With Political Change

Assessing London’s post-Brexit competitiveness

by Eze Vidra

Will the London venture ecosystem survive the turmoil of Brexit?

Key Factors Of City Success (Coming soon)

How capital, institutions, and psycho-cultural behavior promote economic growth

by Robert Huggins

Here is an article that tries to solve a key mystery that keeps city leaders awake at night: why do cities succeed?

CIV City Cases

As part of our research into City Venture, CIV is proud to present a set of CIV City Cases, material that any city leader should find valuable.