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Deep Innovation in the medical domain a la Boston’s cimit 波士顿医学与创新技术融合中 心(CIMIT)的医学领域深度创新 机构案例研究

3波士顿医学与创新技术融合中 心(CIMIT)的医学领域深度创新 机构案例研究

The Healthcare field is facing major crises, including the aging of the population, the need to increase access for all to the best standard of care, and societal imperatives to contain healthcare-related costs. Unfortunately, there are many challenges to innovation in this domain, where researchers tend to work in siloed laboratories, without the entrepreneurial acumen and collaborative paradigms needed to implement their ideas.

This article showcases CIMIT, the Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology, a Boston-based cooperation of universities and hospitals (founded by Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, MIT, and the Draper Laboratories) whose meticulously constructed suite of integrated methods and processes implements a solution to this difficult state of affairs. Referred to collectively as the CIMIT Model, the methodology described in the article is able to find, fund, and facilitate collaborations across disciplines and geographic regions. These successfully drive innovative solutions to unmet medical needs, from concept to patient care. The model starts with an intimate understanding of the medical needs, identifies collaborators who can work together on these, and provides leadership, facilitation, and resources to guide them through a detailed “innovation cycle” that progresses toward useful, commercially viable outcomes.

The CIMIT model works: as of 2015 it has generated 458 patents, 2,293 peer-reviewed publications, and an investment by CIMIT of US$55 million in 228 solutions, which have received US$1.1 billion in follow-on funding from commercial companies and other entities. Given the model’s effectiveness, CIMIT is now building on its success in the United States to link hubs of medical innovation across the world into a network of consortia to address important regional healthcare imperatives.

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About the author

Steven C. Schachter – Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School; Chief Academic Officer and Program Leader of Neuro-Technology at CIMIT.

About the author

John Collins – Chief Operating Officer at CIMIT.

About the author

Michael K. Dempsey – Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Accelerator Program Leader at CIMIT DIANE SPILIOTIS Chief Finance and Information Officer at CIMIT.

About the author

Diane Spiliotis – Chief Finance and Information Officer at CIMIT.


About the author

John Parrish – Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School; Chief Executive Officer at CIMIT.

Appeared in the issue: Coller Venture Review — 2016 -3 — Deep Innovation Issue

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