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EVCA Venture Capital Forum 6-Nov-2014 | Berlin, Germany

The Venture Capital Forum was very well attended with almost a third more participants than last year. VCs are increasingly optimistic as exit prospects look promising and ever larger numbers of European VC-backed companies are growing to become €1bn+ businesses. Participants reported more growth capital coming into the market and a rise in corporate venturing, but the two most pressing issues for many remain: a) a lack of later stage funding for startups; and b) the need for more private capital to flow towards venture capital funds. Overall, the sentiment was that the European industry still lags the US, but is becoming increasingly sophisticated. There are now many more serial entrepreneurs to back and growing levels of seed financing, all of which demonstrates that the European VC ecosystem is coming of age.

In honour of the forum, Coller Institute of Venture and EVCA created a special edition of Coller Venture Review Issue 1, which was made available to all participants. This publication can be viewed here.