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UV2017HK – 5 Reasons to Attend and a Special Discount 23-Apr-2017 | Hong Kong Science Park

参加2017高校创业视野研讨会的五大理由 If you feel that something’s wrong with your university (and trust us, you’re not alone…), here are 5 reasons why you should book a flight to Hong Kong:

  1. Universities are no longer the sanctuaries of knowledge they used to be. Students sleep through boring lectures, hate your teaching style and use Wikipedia as a scientific reference – and that’s not even the worst case scenario.
  2. You’re a distinguished professor, but your kids would rather start a company (and then another one), than waste four years in outdated college coursework. And even the taxpayers are no longer willing to pay for your travel budget and your kids’ liberal arts degrees…
  3. You’re struggling to secure university funding for a couple of new Erlenmeyer flasks, while your friends in big pharma enjoy unlimited research budgets and corporate credit cards. And in fact, why would taxpayers fund your lab when research in private companies is much more efficient?
  4. You have a great invention in mind and start thinking that maybe it’s time to quit the university before it owns your idea
  5. You’re a university leader and you watch your life’s work disintegrate slowly, but steadily. You’ve lost your sleep, and wait a second – where has all this grey hair come from?

Will the 21st century mark the end of universities?

Is their millennium-long undisputed rule as hubs of research, teaching and societal service coming to a sad end?

How can venture save some universities, while ruining others completely?

Wouldn’t you like to find answers to these questions?

Here’s what you can do:

  • Read the recent University Venture issue of Coller Venture Review, packed with 10 unique articles written by the best minds in the industry. Order a hard copy and place it on your bedside table, but beware: your good night’s sleep may be disturbed. Do you remember no. 5 above, though? You’ll be in good company…
  • Come and join us on 23-Apr-2017 at Univenture Visions in Hong Kong – we’re going to make it worth your while. UV2017HK – an AUTM Asia 2017 pre-conference symposium – is co-produced by the Coller Institute of Venture, and will present cases and insights from various aspects of university venture.
    • Meet worldwide university leaders and find your path to overcoming the challenges posed by the new age of knowledge and venture.
    • Learn from the university venture experiences of Katharine Ku (Stanford University) and Lita Nelsen (MIT);
    • Find out about the role of universities in schooling the Silicon Dragon, from Dongmin Chen (Peking University) and Renchen Liu (Tsinghua-Shenzhen Research Institute);
    • Discover the world of venture with Eli Talmor (London Business School) and Jeremy Coller (Coller Capital); and
    • Reflect on universities of the future with Nobel Prize laureate Dan Schechtman (Technion).

Early bird registration is open now. Use the promotional code KENDALLSQ to receive a 15% discount (offer valid until 15-Nov-2016)

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