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Five SWF Investment Trends for 2014

Institutional investors and public authorities are two major focuses for us in 2014. As a center providing the fund snapshots, articles and analysis, Institutional Investor’s Sovereign Wealth Center listed 5 investment trends for Sovereign Wealth Funds in the beginning of the year.


“European Infrastructure” hits the top. It is not a coincidence when The Economist published “Great bores of tomorrow” that listed “tunneling on Crossrail, Europe’s largest construction scheme”, and London that “is enjoying a subterranean renaissance” as well as fascinating “proposals for super-long tunnels linking South Korea to Japan and China, and the Chinese mainland to Taiwan.”According to Sovereign Wealth Center’s recent post “SWF Investment in European Infrastructure” by Patrick Dewhurst, “over the past eight years, Institutional Investor’s Sovereign Wealth Center has recorded 32 sovereign wealth fund investments in European infrastructure. From January 2005 through December 2013, 11 funds allocated a combined total of nearly $25 billion to the asset class.” And among all the infrastructure subsectors, energy transmission, water and airlines are the most popular ones, and as The Economist puts its stress on, “sovereign wealth funds have long favored the U.K.”, now it is the turn of European continent.

Another major trend among the five is “China-Focused Investments”. Sovereign Wealth Center states that “several Sovereign funds, including Korea Investment Corporation (KIC) was established in July 2005 under the KIC Act. It was launched with a view to enhance sovereign wealth and contribute to the development of the domestic financial industry. KIC is mandated to manage assets entrusted by the Government and the Bank of Korea.[/toggle], the The Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) and Singapore’s Temasek Holdings, have invested heavily in the Chinese consumer sector.” Each Chinese New Year will spur its tremendous consuming capacity, and the year of horse for sure won’t want to be left behind.

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