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Google Ventures stresses science of deal, not art of the deal

Calling 2013 “A Year of Growth”, Google Venture condensed its prosperous growth and achievements of portfolio companies from all stages and all sectors in a 80 seconds video. By stating that they only have one limited partner, Google Ventures promises us a more engaged strategy with their portfolio companies, and what’s more important, is Google Ventures’ emphasis on the “science of the deal” rather than “art of the deal”.

 Following the leading concept of “the big data era”, venture capital firms are reconsidering their investment models. Claire Cain Miller wrote in New York Times that Google Ventures was the first major firm to rely heavily on data. Since then, established funds like Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Sequoia Capital and Y Combinator have followed suit, and new firms like the Ironstone Group and Palo Alto Venture Science have been created to test the strategy. And whether it is leading the venture capital industry to a promising future, we will have our answer after the video.

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