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How do Accelerators and Incubator Funds Fit into the Venture Ecosystem?

加速器与孵化器基金如何融入创业生态系统?Are accelerators and incubator funds essential for every new industry? According to Dr. Simone Botti, Head of a bio-incubator fund at MS Ventures, the answer is no. For some industries, like mobile apps or internet economies, incubators may not be a necessity, but just a way to come by more people and more ideas. This is because the marketing time for these is so quick, that an incubator is not crucial.

However, for other types of new industries, incubators can make the whole difference. In Botti’s words: “In our industry, where there is a very big gap to fill, many times you need very, let’s say, hands-on approaches to developing a technology, an incubator might be what is missing.” Incubator funds’ hands-on approach and attention to detail can bring a technology from a level of academic science to clinical trials, or even further. Watch Dr. Botti’s full interview from our Deep Innovation workshop below:

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