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Industry-Academia Cooperation at the TAU Sagol School of Neuroscience

特拉维夫大学Sagol神经科学学院的产学合作 The Sagol School of Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University is composed of one-hundred researchers who deal with brain sciences, neurodegenerative diseases and computer sciences. We talked to Dr. Dana Bar-On, Head of Industrial-Academic Relationships at the Sagol School of Neuroscience, about the importance of her role in making the connection between academics and the industry. Dr. Bar-On responsibilities include initiating the cooperation with the neuroscience industry in Israel and outside, bringing the scientists directly with the companies, finding out the needs and challenges of the neuroscience companies in Israel, and trying to find a matching interest within the school’s faculty members.” Bar-On is also responsible for presenting the scientists’ initial ideas to the companies in order to accumulate funding.

“We bring the scientists with the people from the industry, they sit together, they define the needs, they define the challenges, and try to look for solutions together,” says Dr. Bar-On.

The Sagol School of Neuroscience is Israel’s leading institution in the field, combining researchers from medicine, psychology, life sciences and exact sciences, among others. The school’s research promises to open new frontiers in our understanding of the human brain, and find new solutions to debilitating neurological conditions – such is the case of Dr. Inna Slutsky, recently named the most promising investigator at the Alzheimer Association 2016 conference. Dr. Slutsky spoke at CIV’s Deep Innovation workshop, and her presentation is available on our website.

In April 2017, CIV’s Yesha Sivan spoke about the entrepreneurial mindset at the Sagol School EU Brain Course, headed by Dr. Bar-On, broadcast to neuroscience scholars and students throughout the EU and the world (watch the full lecture).

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