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Introducing Coller Venture Review 2017 Catalog Thinking the World of Venture - 34 Points of View 科勒风投评述——2017文章概览》简介


In the 2017 Coller Venture Review catalog you will find the abstracts of 34 articles dealing with the evolving nature of the global venture ecosystem – with direct reference to full versions available to our members online free of charge.

Our research is organized into strands, each addressing a particular aspect of venture. Every issue is dedicated to one such strand, as listed to your right in the table of contents of this catalog.

In the catalog, you will find a diversity of articles, some of which address localized or industry-specific matters, while others present a global point of view. Some present successes and others, failures; some originate in well-developed economies, and some in emerging ones, across five continents. The common thrust of all the articles is actionable knowledge synthesized by leaders of the venture ecosystem worldwide.

More than 300 such leaders have already joined CIV as active members, enjoying online access to the array of resources (articles, videos, presentations, among others) available from our institute. Some of them have received grants and awards, others have participated in our international events as guests and speakers.

If you wish to shape and impact the future of the venture ecosystem – as a public policy-maker, an investor (limited or general partner), or other influencer – we invite you to likewise join our community as a member.

Together, let us build a more effective venture ecosystem spanning the inception, creation, and nurturing of new ventures.

Ultimately, a robust and adaptive venture ecosystem improves humankind’s quality of life both directly by creating new jobs, and indirectly by creating new products and services – both leading to a better world.


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