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Introducing Issue 5 of Coller Venture Review – City Venture

The City Venture research strand of the Coller Institute of Venture looks into the relationship between the city and the ventures inside it, taken both individually and as an entire ecosystem. Here we define the essence of venture as the creation of new companies that develop ideas, innovations and models, and turn these into businesses.

Issue 5 of Coller Venture Review presents the Employment Black Holes model – namely, how can a city successfully cope with a globalized world, where talents, jobs and money move freely from one location to another; and how can it develop, nurture and preserve a unique domain that will turn it into a “black hole” — a magnet for people, investments and innovation.

The issue elaborates on this concept in eight original feature articles, and eleven CIV City Cases presenting key factors in the development of urban venture ecosystems in the USA, Europe, China and Israel. If you wish to submit your own case to our database, please do so by visiting the cases page.

To view the issue online – click here

Watch the Employment Black Holes video (below), and learn more in a special TED-Ed lesson.


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