The Coller Venture Review, our flagship journal, fosters the dialog between academics and practitioners in support of the conceptualization, financing, and execution of innovation and new venture creation.

While our core focus has remained consistent, our approach to tackling the content has evolved. Broadly speaking, we address four sections: Venture Policy and Management; Deep Innovation; Trends in Venture; and, to support future generations of researchers, Industry Analysis. Each section includes the perspective of both academics and practitioners (and sometimes of individuals who have worked across both University and Industry contexts).

In addition, we also report insights from the perspective of a Virtual Roundtable, to bring together global leaders in a specific field of interest.  We are consistently adding case studies to help isolate best practices, and a reader’s digest of outstanding articles in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation and new venture creation.

Bridging the dialog between theory and practice is particularly significant at a time when action-oriented entrepreneurs must rapidly adapt from the field. This presents a rare opportunity to develop generalizable new insights and feedback loops. The imperative is even greater when one considers that the substantive outcome we seek to address –successful and sustainable new venture creation – can affect life-altering fields including health, education, food, agriculture, and many others.  

While the results of our work will not be measurable in weeks or months, we hope this first step can help guide our future.