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Managing Research in a Profit-Focused Company

Profit-focused companies need to deliver and sell their products in order to sustain themselves. However, R&D in these companies can sometimes have trouble keeping up with the timeline due to the fact that research is very time-consuming. Oded Cohn, Head of the IBM Research Lab in Israel, talks about this issue in a short interview to CIV.

“The challenge is a matter of balance. Not being dragged to continuously prove that you are doing a fine job,” says Cohn. Some research needs to be short-term and bring profit in the near future, while other research pathways need to be bolder and create a base for future progress.

Cohn believes that the company does not need to set an agenda for the research, but rather, the researchers need to present their ideas for the future of the company, and the agenda should be built based on that.

Watch the short interview with Oded Cohn below.

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