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Mobile is eating VC

“Software is eating the world”, Marc Andreessen said. Now the mobile sector attracts venture capital investment exceed 1 billion dollars again in 2013 Q3, according to CB insights report “Mobile is Eating VC: Venture Capital Funding to the Mobile Sector Tops 1 billion dollar (again)“. It says that “In Q3 2013, venture capital investors poured $1.12 billion across 150 deals into U.S. mobile & telecom companies, marking the largest financing quarter to the mobile sector ever. And as companies both large and small continue to emphasize the platform shift to mobile, Q4 saw no letdown in mobile VC momentum as both quarterly deal and funding levels remained at or near historical highs.” In the report, CB insights shows details of mobile investment trending with infographics by industry, sub-industry as well as mobile deals by round type.

It is not a coincidence that on Business Insider, they published “Mobile VC Funding for Mobile Companies is Exploding” recently. Following by confirming CB Insights’ report, Business Insider says that “fourth quarter 2013 mobile VC funding also topped $1 billion, and total 2013 VC funding to mobile reached over $3.5 billion for the year.” And Business Insider told us, mobile market does not only mean “Apps”, but also covers the whole mobile sector, and there are more coming, including Google Glass Gaming, Apple TV and so on.

And now, The Wall Street Journal offers us a close look at those members listed in the “Billion-Dollar Startup Club“, and mobile companies are among top 5 as we expected. For example, Xiaomi was listed in the second place in the companies that are valued at $1 billion or more by venture-capital firms, andDropbox, which enables you to have access to your file on any mobile device topped the list.

As it says, mobile sector is still thriving, and not about to cool down. And mobile startup companies that want to take a ride on the rising wave are giving more investing opportunities for VCs. And entrepreneurs probably would get a chance to change the world.


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