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NanoIsrael 2016: The 5th International Nanotechnology Conference & Exhibition NanoIsrael 2016:以色列第五届国际纳米大会暨展览会

nanoisrael2016NanoIsrael 2016:以色列第五届国际纳米大会暨展览会NanoIsrael 2016, the fifth bi-annual c

onference & exhibition, will take place on February 22-23, 2016 at Tel Aviv, Israel. Since 2009, Nano Israel has established itself as a central meeting point for Israeli and multinational researchers, investors, managers and government officials involved in nanoscience and nanotechnology. With over 1400 delegates from Israel and abroad these conferences cover the full range of cutting-edge technologies.

Israel is renowned for its achievements in innovative products and solutions.  Over the past decade Israel has also established itself as a key player in nanotechnology, providing new and exciting opportunities and solutions in materials, medical, mobile, defense & aerospace, semiconductors and other important and emerging industrial sectors.

Nano Israel 2016 is a unique opportunity to gain a first look at cutting-edge technologies, leading scientific achievements and unique business and investment opportunities:  From scientific innovation presented by top scientists and speakers, through technologies on the verge of commercialization, dozens of innovative start-ups, multinationals seeking collaborations, top defense agencies, nano-education and more.

NanoIsrael 2016 is organized by the Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative (INNI), and the Nanotechnology Centers of 6 Israeli Universities. The conference is supported by the Israeli Ministry of Economy, Foreign trade administration and key industry players.

Confirmed Plenary and Keynote Speakers: Prof. Toshio Ando, Kanazawa University, Japan • Prof. Louis Brus, Colombia University, USA • Prof. Bradley F. Chmelka, University of California, USA • Prof. Pieter  Cullis, FRSC, University of British Columbia, Canada • Prof. Gitti Frey, Technion, Israel • Prof. Klaus Müllen, Max Planck Institute, Germany • Prof. Eran Rabani, Berkeley, USA • Prof. Ronit Satchi Fainaro, Tel Aviv University, Israel • Prof. Oded Shoseyov, Hebrew University of Jerusalem • Israel Prof. Yeshayahu (Ishi) Talmon, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Confirmed speakers from the industry include:   Dr. David Altreuter, Quiet therapeutics • Mr. Shlomo Amir, Qlight • Mr. Barry N. Breen, 3G Solar Photovoltaics • Dr. Ziv Gottesfeld, VoltaNano • Dr. Ziv Hermon, NanoAir •  Dr. Shaul Lapidot , Melodea • Dr. Ricardo Osiroff, Tracense Systems

See more at: http://www.kenesexhibitions.com/nanoisrael2016/


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