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Private Equity Isn’t All Bad

私募股权基金并非全盘皆“差” Private equity funds often receive criticism for cynically extracting value from companies to the disadvantage of investors. This begs the question - what exactly private equity funds do to create value? Mark Humphery-Jenner of UNSW (Australia) explains in a guest post.

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CIMIT – Crossing the Chasm from Academia to Medical Innovation

医学与创新技术融合中心(CIMIT)——连接学术界与医学创新的鸿沟 Innovation in the medical domain faces many challenges, as most researchers tend to work in siloed laboratories, without the entrepreneurial acumen and collaborative paradigms needed to implement their ideas. CIMIT, a Boston-based consortium of academic and research facilities, has overcome these challenges with hundreds of patents, thousands of peer-reviewed publications and six hundred projects funded within the last 18 years. How do they do it? Prof. Steven Schachter, Chief Academic Officer, explains.

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Has the African Economic Growth Stalled?

非洲经济发展已止步不前? The World Economic Outlook published on 4-Oct-2016 by the IMF paints a highly mixed picture for Sub-Saharan Africa, predicting a meager growth rate of 1.4% in 2017 – the lowest since the early 1990's. Is Africa’s surge of progress over? Was it high commodity prices alone that drove recent advances? Will this be the end of the African leap of faith towards a new age of venture and innovation? Peter Stein, CEO of Stein Brothers AB and a noted expert on African economy, explains in a special guest post for CIV.

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