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Has the African Economic Growth Stalled?

非洲经济发展已止步不前? The World Economic Outlook published on 4-Oct-2016 by the IMF paints a highly mixed picture for Sub-Saharan Africa, predicting a meager growth rate of 1.4% in 2017 – the lowest since the early 1990's. Is Africa’s surge of progress over? Was it high commodity prices alone that drove recent advances? Will this be the end of the African leap of faith towards a new age of venture and innovation? Peter Stein, CEO of Stein Brothers AB and a noted expert on African economy, explains in a special guest post for CIV.

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CIV Team Participated in the SMS Berlin Conference

科勒风险投资研究院团队参加战略管理协会柏林大会 On September 17-20, 2016, a delegation of the Coller Institute of Venture participated in SMS Berlin - an annual conference of the Strategic Management Society that took place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

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CIV 2016 Research Award Ceremony Held at ESMT Berlin

On September 16, 2016, the CIV 2016 Research Award was presented in a ceremony held at ESMT Berlin, a leading school of management in the center of Berlin, Germany. The monumental building housing ESMT was until 1990 the seat of the East German Government, and today, completely renovated, it has transformed into one of the best business schools in Europe.

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