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Engaging Stakeholders for Strategy Making: Participation or Inclusion?

客座文章:丹尼尔·麦克谈股东参与战略制定的两种方式:主动参加还是被动加入? Guest post by Daniel Mack, PhD candidate and Prof. Gabriel Szulanski (INSEAD, Singapore). The post relates to multi-party, multi-stakeholder decision situations that generally could be found in VC decision making contexts or in startups where entrepreneurs have to coordinate decisions across different stakeholders (e.g. employees, investors etc.). Daniel Mack received the CIV Best PhD Proposal Award in December 2015.

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Watch CIV2015HK Highlight Video

视频分享:科勒风险投资研究院2015年会(CIV2015HK)精彩回顾 On November 6, 2015 the Coller Institute of Venture in partnership with Cyberport held CIV2015HK: The Future of Venture.

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